July 24, 2024

Rosemarie Preece

Safe Financing

5 Reasons You Should Never Cut Corners With Data Management


Data is more important than ever in our digital world. It’s a critical asset and has the potential to change the way we do things. Unfortunately, data management hasn’t always kept up with the pace of technological innovation. Here are five things you should never cut corners on when it comes to data management:

Data is more powerful than ever before.

Data is the new oil. It’s the 21st century version of electricity and currency, all rolled into one. And if you don’t have a way to manage your data properly, it can be just as dangerous for your business as not having enough gas in your car or cash on hand to pay for groceries.

Data management may seem like an insignificant part of running a business–or even unnecessary altogether–but it’s actually one of the most important factors when it comes to success (or failure). Without proper data management in place, you might find yourself stuck with outdated information that could be costing you thousands or even millions per year!

The cost of doing data wrong is much bigger than ever before.

The cost of doing data wrong is much bigger than ever before.

Data management is more expensive than ever before, with the average company spending $1 million on it each year. And while some companies may be able to get away with a poor data management strategy for a while, there are many reasons why this is not a good idea:

  • Poorly managed data can result in legal liabilities and reputational damage. If your company’s product or service relies on accurate customer information–and most do–then any errors made during the collection process could have serious repercussions for both you and your customers when it comes time to resolve issues like billing disputes or fraud claims (and if you don’t think these things happen more often than people realize…think again!).
  • Poorly managed data impacts your ability to scale and expand your business into new areas of opportunity at an accelerated pace because it limits what analytics tools can do for you today versus tomorrow or next week.”

Data management is more critical than ever before.

Data is the new oil. It’s a strategic asset and competitive advantage that can be leveraged to innovate, drive revenue and increase profits. Data management is more critical than ever before because we live in an era where data has become the currency of business–it’s no longer enough just to have access to data; you must also know how best to leverage it for your organization’s success.

This means that you need an effective data management plan that enables you not only to store but also protect your organization’s most valuable assets: its information assets!

Poor data management can result in legal liabilities and reputational damage.

Data can be used to prove or disprove a claim, statement, accusation and theory. Poor data management can result in legal liability and reputational damage.

The best way to avoid these issues is by making sure you have access to the right tools when managing your data.

Poor data management impacts your ability to scale and expand your business.

Data management is critical to business growth. If you don’t have quality data, then your ability to scale and expand your business will be severely hampered.

Poor data management can cause problems for your customers, too. A bad customer experience is the #1 reason people leave brands and businesses–and no matter how good your product or service may be, if it’s difficult for people to get their hands on it because of poor data management practices, they won’t stick around long enough to find out how great things really are!

In addition to impacting scalability and expansion opportunities, poor data management also affects employee morale at all levels: front line staff; middle managers who have been asked by upper level executives or board members why “this” happened again even though they told them last year (and then got yelled at).

You need to do it right the first time, every time.

  • The cost of mistakes is higher than ever before.
  • The reward for doing it right is higher than ever before.
  • The consequences of not doing it right are higher than ever before.


The bottom line is that data management is a critical part of your business. It’s not something you can afford to skimp on, and if you do, it could cost you dearly in the long run. Data management isn’t just about making sure that all of your information is accurate–it’s also about protecting yourself from legal liabilities and reputational damage. So don’t cut corners when it comes time for data management; instead invest wisely in tools like Datify so that you can ensure all parties involved get what they need from every project!